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EpiGraphDB explorer

You can use the explorer to search for a node and its underlying data, and (when using exact matching) the data of its connected nodes.

At the moment the explorer offers the following functionalities:

  • Search for a node by its id with exact matching.
  • Search for a node by a naming pattern with fuzzy matching.


  • The underlying data of a node.
  • (when using exact matching) The nodes connected to the matched node, with
    • meta_node: The meta node (type of a node, e.g. "Gwas", "Disease", etc.).
    • meta_rel: The meta relationship (type of a relationship, e.g. "MR", "MRE_STUDY_SNP", etc.).
  • (when using exact matching) The network plot of the connected node. Note that when there are too many connected nodes, the network plot will only display a subset of nodes.


Results on connections are only available when search by id.

Displays only a subset from each meta node group.