About EpiGraphDB

EpiGraphDB is an analytical platform and database to support data mining in epidemiology. The platform incorporates a graph of causal estimates generated by systematically applying Mendelian randomization to a wide array of phenotypes, and augments this with a wealth of additional data from other bioinformatic sources.

EpiGraphDB aims to support appropriate application and interpretation of causal inference in systematic automated analyses of many phenotypes.

Data included in EpiGraphDB

MR estimates

The core MR estimates in EpiGraphDB are built by systematically applying MR to data in the MR-Base platform (www.mrbase.org) [Hemani et al, 2018] using the MR Mixture of Experts (MR-MoE) approach (developed by Gibran Hemani); the results of this analysis are part of the MR-EvE ("Everything Vs Everything") database [Hemani et al, 2017].

Genetic correlations

Genetic correlations are estimated using the LD score regression approach [Bulik-Sullivan et al, 2015] and are made available through the LD-Hub platform [Zheng et al, 2017].